Creative Draping can help bring your vision to life.

Led by CEO Susie Carlino, our creative force, we are a team of professional designers, seamstresses and engineers who have the artistic talent and experience to transform venues into something truly unique and special.

We have a deep understanding of the fabrics we work with, not only the practical considerations but the incredible effects that can be achieved when you combine texture and light in different types of environments – large and small.

We also love a challenge and pride ourselves on our ability to experiment, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved for your event venue. Our aim is to produce a unique design that will make your budget stretch imaginatively to the highest standard of expression.

Our approach to designing your venue

Exploring the venue

An initial site visit is vital

Understanding the physical and practical demands of a venue is a fundamental part of the design and planning process. We always need to be sensitive to the venue and environment being decorated and how we attach the fabrics.

Often, it isn’t obvious what can be achieved with fabrics; it will completely depend on the venue itself, lighting etc.. so a visit to the venue in advance will really aid the selection of the right materials and the way we design the draping.


Sketches and photographs

Our initial design concepts are in the form of sketches and photographs. The sketches are fluid and hand drawn, giving you an overall impression of the proposed design and its scale. We will also draw over photographs to help you visualise the design and coverage in situ


We work with a vast selection of fabrics and materials in order to achieve completely unique and extraordinary effects. At our initial onsite consultation, we will discuss the effect you are looking to achieve, show you samples and advise on fabric and drape styles.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help transform your event venue, please contact us on 07966 372 835.