Susie Carlino is the creative force behind Creative Draping.

Susie Carlino is the creative force behind Creative Draping. Textile artist, designer and events specialist; Susie’s extensive experience and passion is the driving force behind the team, enabling us to push the boundaries of what is achievable with draping.

The Susie Carlino story began in 1989 when Susie graduated with a degree in Textiles and Fashion, cementing her love for fabrics and constructed textile design.

Following her studies, Susie took a job as a barmaid at the Marquee Club, a famous music venue in London renowned for launching the careers of high-profile rock acts. It was here that Susie witnessed large-scale, stage-based performances that required significant lighting and sound production, exposing her to the events and music industry.

Soon after, Susie was given a new job with Halo Lighting as their Draping events producer, working with lighting designers to produce stage shows such as ‘The Crazy Club‘ at the Astoria Night Club, London. This pivotal time enabled Susie to learn about all forms of lighting in large events environment; She was able to produce texture for lighting with her draping, transforming empty spaces into amazing, magical party venues.

A year on, Susie took the plunge to go into business with her long-standing friend and graphics designer as ‘decor producers’ for rave and event production and S.M.Arties was born (Susie and Mandie arties).

These events also gave Susie the creative freedom to really push the boundaries for her clients, creating installation pieces that create shape, beauty and atmosphere – art forms in themselves.

25 years into her career, Susie is a creative force. She is highly regarded in the events sector and has travelled worldwide to magically transform events venues for a vast portfolio of clients including the BBC, Claridges, Harrods, Glastonbury, Selfridges, X Factor, BMW, Buckingham Palace, Hilton Hotels and the 2012 London Olympic Games. Her dedication to detail, creative flare and customer satisfaction have enabled her to build long-lasting relationships with all of her clientele.

The Creative Draping Academy is Susie’s latest venture. Alongside her design, consultation and installation work, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with other events professionals and anyone wanting to learn the art form of draping.

With various workshops available, Susie offers a unique opportunity for you to learn the skills and techniques of draping directly from her, in her studio. It’s also a chance for Susie to surround herself with textiles and people – her two favourite things in the world (as well as her dog Scrumpy, who is never too far from her side!).

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